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Entry #2

Zombie Survival Guide

2008-07-26 03:28:18 by Mute-8

After some suggestions in the reviews of my "How to Survive an Alien Invasion" flash, I decided to start work on a new type of obscure interactive Public Servive Announcement, a slightly more mainstream idea, a Zombie Survival Guide.

I've already started it, but I have no idea when it'll be up here.
And I've completely abondoned Deicide, the flash I talked about in the last post. Maybe I'll have a rack at that later on.



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2008-07-26 04:04:27 ie_Survival_Guide its a great book

Mute-8 responds:

Indeed, my good ol buddy chalkley3 has it. Might see if i can get a lend.


2008-07-26 06:17:32

will there be probing?

Mute-8 responds:

Like you would believe. Actually, that would have been better suited to my aliens tut.


2008-07-27 04:58:11

i was eaten by a zombie one time, but it was only a leg

Mute-8 responds:

Well, maybe I'll credit you as a Zombie victim reference. Wait, shouldn't you be infected?


2008-07-29 05:36:57

maybe :3


2008-09-22 21:18:13

I have a great idea of where to find zombies and other undead.
or look on yahoo resident evil creatures. Resident evil relates to zombies and other undead including hunters and the "tyrants".


2009-02-05 05:40:53

Dead over there knuckle brain? Wheres your zombie thing >:l


2010-04-04 17:06:42

I was ahhhhhhhhh zombies ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mute-8 help zombies help get a chainsaw ahhhhhhhhhhhh (chomp) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they got my sis hel-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z