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Zombie Survival Guide

2008-07-26 03:28:18 by Mute-8

After some suggestions in the reviews of my "How to Survive an Alien Invasion" flash, I decided to start work on a new type of obscure interactive Public Servive Announcement, a slightly more mainstream idea, a Zombie Survival Guide.

I've already started it, but I have no idea when it'll be up here.
And I've completely abondoned Deicide, the flash I talked about in the last post. Maybe I'll have a rack at that later on.



2008-03-19 06:14:24 by Mute-8

Well, the site told me to post. I obliged. Well, im working on a flash movie right now as i'm typing, going to be a lot better than my first movie. I just need to finish recording voices, and some music, sort out my stupid f***in actionscript and i'll be done. Hopee to see it up her within the month.